Thank you for sponsorship for Kilimanjaro

Thank you for sponsorship for Kilimanjaro

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored my trek up Kilimanjaro.

The Trek was a great success and raised many thousands of pounds for SHAP.

As I paid for all of my own expenses, every single penny I have been sponsored and everything raised from raffles, auctions and sales of goods donated will go directly to SHAP. Without support like your's I would not have been able to raise so much sponsorship.

Please see a picture of myself and the rest of the SHAP team who made it to the summit with the flag to thank all of the generous sponsors.

Below is a link to the interview that was done before the trek and the second link is the interview done after the trek.

Post-Trek Interview on CityTalk

Again, many thanks, support like yours makes my efforts worthwhile,

best regards



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Thank you for sponsorship for Kilimanjaro

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